Yeah… It’s been awhile


What can I say? It’s been months since I posted about my writing life on here but hey… that’s life and everyone is SOOO busy these days! I’m not sure if anyone is reading this anyway… Between my daughter starting school and weekly dance classes – not to mention the wedding, (Yay! I’m married and […]

November 2, 2018

Digging for Diamonds


The journey to publishing is not for the faint of heart. Authors spend years studying and honing their writing techniques and countless hours keeping up with the latest publishing trends. Besides the hard work that many put in, I also believe there is a bit of luck involved. Getting rejection letter – after rejection letter […]

April 2, 2018

Grow Up!


Can you recall your favorite childhood book that was so fun to read that you had it memorized? In the writing world, we are told to that in order to have a successful children’s book, there needs to be a strong narrative arc or a character that grows/changes through the story. I want to know […]

March 3, 2018

What’s your story?


Many people ask me where I get my inspiration for my books and that is such an easy question to answer! Most of my ideas come from conversations with my four-year-old daughter. She is at the stage where she asks lots of questions and we have a lot of silly conversations. For instance, while driving […]

February 17, 2018



I’m so happy to share my adventures in the writing world. I started writing in sixth grade, and just recently found the story I wrote for my sixth grade Christmas Story contest. Reading it now from an authors point of view, it’s not that great of a story and it’s a “so-and-so saves Christmas”  story […]

February 16, 2018